Grandfather time

jan18timePrompt Flash anyway you like
Perosnal weekend prompt Black and white any way you like.
Daily prompt Time

When was the last time, I mean think about it long, you considered wearing a watch, buying a watch, or buying a pocket watch? This day and age, we can all so easily pull our cell phones out of our pocket for time. Mine is on military time setting. I really don’t find myself paying that close attention to the time, unless I have a meeting for my photography or an actual client coming for a session. Just a thought, when you really think about all the technology today, clocks and such seem kinda out dated. I want an old Roman numeral clock, just because.


Damsel in Distress

jan16uglypapersPrompt Ugly Papers
Feeling very damsel in distress, ready to have a little time out from the house! so ready for Monday!!!! COME ON MONDAY! I guess that could got to say, it’s been a long road this week with my husband working 8 days… I’m in need of a rescue, and a night out of the HOUSE! SERIOUSLY! Ready for Monday night and my husband to be off work!!!
I’ve been an abandoned house wife, but I have been enjoying my art work. I guess it’s really not an ugly paper, maybe an ugly mood of just being stuck in the house! SO READY for some quality time with my husband. Iย  need him to rescue my soul! All I have been seeing this week are the back of his eye lids, and him coming and going to work! I just want him home. And so do our fur kids!!! What a long 8 days! Oh I said that already!!!!

Purple , Yellow, Green It’s Mardi Gras in the south

Down here in the south, we will stand, in a parade, in the rain, with our boots and Mardi Gras Gowns on, tacky sweaters and all. True Story. Two prompts in one, Journal 52 Conversation, and Embrace, Purple , Yellow, Green It’s Mardi Gras in the south! One of my last conversations was with a friend of mine who decided to get tickets for us and about when we could pick up tickets for our ball and if my gown will still fit with my recent weight loss!!!

Embrace your inner goddess

embracegoddess15Day 15, and here is that moment of silence and tranquility, when you wake up, go straight to the art room and skip your first morning smoke. So true. I must have dreamed about this piece. I love it so much, and it came so naturally to me this morning. I didn’t even honestly have to think too much when I was doing it. One of those moments where the pen (stabilo ) and paintbrush just lead my hand. It was a moment I obviously needed. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with 7 projects going on, and three books I’m reading about how to do stuff. It all came together finally in this piece. Ahhhh. This is really one of those moments in life where you step back and say AHHH ๐Ÿ™‚ Obviously, I embraced my inner art goddess this morning, and I think it is showing in this piece right here. On to the next!!!!

Remember, every thing I post, is for sale. If you like it, and want a copy of it, I can gladly print it out for you. Don’t be a thief and print it out onย  your own! That’s not fair to the artist! Anyways, have a nice day!!!

Big Head Day 14

Prompt big head.
I was kinda thinking about Mardi Gras today and how Nola, gets the big head when the French settled in Mobile alabama first.

The picture of the low light no flash, was taken at Pollman’s Bakery. I got the theme for my picture / painting from Pollmans ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s so many choices in life, how do you know that your making the right one? Listen to your stomach.

Playing Catch up !!

The Gallery below, this weeks journal 52 prompt “JUST BE” and Yesterday’s Embrace your art daily challenge, “BALANCE.”

The Gallery below, is my photography project Sunday-Tuesday

doll-no flash, make you happy

green tree – no flash, balance

orange window – no flash, abstract

Off art warm ups

Having an “off” morning.

Joe Cocker Live Unchain My Heart inspired the post card on the right
started out as a path, then turned it into a hand holding a chained nacklace.
Happy Mail. Theme Post Card.

postcard3 postcart1
I had gotten this index card, that looks like a post card yesterday in my happy mail. I was able to find some new washie tapes today I love my washies. Washies make me happy dance. (on the left)