Because I will walk my talk, or what I just wrote out and spit up

Haven’t quite figured out your New Years Resolutions? Don’t worry babe. It can be tricky when there are so many to choose from. So many people telling you, that you should do this, or you should be doing that, start this, start that, quit this, quit that… decisions decisions. But here’s an idea! Who says we have to start them at the New Year?

We have all year to do the things we want to do in our own time right? I learned this, when I joined Journal 52, an unique bunch of fellow art members, new to art, just dabbling, or just self discovering that they are in fact, and “artist!” As I was saying, I joined sometime this last summer, started doing the prompts, and I grew, into my own artist. So, just because you want to make a resolution, to finish something, finish it, as or start it, as long as it is completed in it’s entirety in 2015!

I have always found it fascinating to see how people spend their days. For ages, I’ve wanted to take a photo every hour for a day, and then post it on a blog. But, I did that. In one year, I completed project 365. I took one photo a day, for the entire year! Can I tell you a secret? I personally loved it! I feel guilty, that I have done the project, for an entire year, and stopped doing it. I fee like parts to my life puzzle are missing. But, this year, I am challenging myself to do this project 365 again!

With this blog, I want to teach women, that it is okay to take personal adventures, and take photos of it. There’s no need to have your friends down you, because you “enjoy taking pictures!” Tell them, so what? Maybe you should try it. You have a nice camera after all! Document your life, in pictures, for exactly one year, doesn’t have to be at the beginning, whenever you fee like starting it. And see what great things you accomplish. What you learn, will be for you to discover. I can only tell you that I went after what I wanted, to take a picture every single day. I also think it’s not bad, to state your needs, to have big goals, to be ambitious. And I will not shrink down to make other people comfortable. THIS IS ME!

And back with the art, as I was stating about Journal 52, I will be posting my photos weekly here as well. This blog, you will see me, full of life, full of ideas, and willing to take the 2015 on by storm! I am 31, and through my years of self discovery, I’ve discovered — and created, an artist in me! I can’t wait to share what life brings for me in 2015!!!!


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