Enter at your own risk…

I’ve been exploring journal prompt ideas the last few days and I went back to a website called Art to the 5th. I am making a Christmas Journal for my Dad as a gift. It wasn’t supposed to be all Christmasy, but that is how it’s ending up, with Christmas on the mind.

The first prompt was, describe your door. My door, currently, is pretty bare, and this door that I have painted, is how I wish mine looked, all nice and festive! We have been very busy this year, and haven’t even put up the first Christmas decoration, sad to say. So, I have found my journal for my Dad, to be my Christmas Cheer and inspiration 🙂

Here, I kept it sort of simple, it’s the first page in the journal, so the door seemed fitting with all the words that describe an entrance. A few layers of paint, a few magazine clippings, made to look like they are shaded into the background, and some of my favorite rub on’s.

I’m glad to be sharing my work. I am also very glad that my work is inspiring you! Thank-you so much for the encouragement! Everyone from Art Junkies, Journal 52, and Mixed Media group on facebook!

Alas, I am going to sleep thinking “creative” thoughts.  I love when this happens!  The creative thoughts I woke with on that particular morning involved usually from the night before. I know I am not alone with this matter. I am going to make it a goal, to keep a journal just to write ideas down it. Nothing Fancy. I think that’s what I will call it.

I have 59 pages left for my Dad’s journal, with the layout set and ready to go for the prompt “SELFIE…” All of the ideas that come to my mind! I am the selfie queen!!!


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