Embrace your inner goddess

embracegoddess15Day 15, and here is that moment of silence and tranquility, when you wake up, go straight to the art room and skip your first morning smoke. So true. I must have dreamed about this piece. I love it so much, and it came so naturally to me this morning. I didn’t even honestly have to think too much when I was doing it. One of those moments where the pen (stabilo ) and paintbrush just lead my hand. It was a moment I obviously needed. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with 7 projects going on, and three books I’m reading about how to do stuff. It all came together finally in this piece. Ahhhh. This is really one of those moments in life where you step back and say AHHH 🙂 Obviously, I embraced my inner art goddess this morning, and I think it is showing in this piece right here. On to the next!!!!

Remember, every thing I post, is for sale. If you like it, and want a copy of it, I can gladly print it out for you. Don’t be a thief and print it out on  your own! That’s not fair to the artist! Anyways, have a nice day!!!


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