Big Head Day 14

Prompt big head.
I was kinda thinking about Mardi Gras today and how Nola, gets the big head when the French settled in Mobile alabama first.

The picture of the low light no flash, was taken at Pollman’s Bakery. I got the theme for my picture / painting from Pollmans 🙂 There’s so many choices in life, how do you know that your making the right one? Listen to your stomach.


Playing Catch up !!

The Gallery below, this weeks journal 52 prompt “JUST BE” and Yesterday’s Embrace your art daily challenge, “BALANCE.”

The Gallery below, is my photography project Sunday-Tuesday

doll-no flash, make you happy

green tree – no flash, balance

orange window – no flash, abstract

Off art warm ups

Having an “off” morning.

Joe Cocker Live Unchain My Heart inspired the post card on the right
started out as a path, then turned it into a hand holding a chained nacklace.
Happy Mail. Theme Post Card.

postcard3 postcart1
I had gotten this index card, that looks like a post card yesterday in my happy mail. I was able to find some new washie tapes today I love my washies. Washies make me happy dance. (on the left)

Music speaks where words fail

pop1 popofcolor This idea came to me like most do, in the middle of the night when I am trying to sleep. IT looks like a cosmic, galaxy of music notes, and at first this was not the idea I had in mind. Needless to say, I’m very proud of this piece. I’m not sure if it is done. But for now, I am putting it away for a rainy day. I had thought about writing the lyrics to my favorite song in the white area, and doing some cosmic clouds in the black. Only time will tell… popofcolor2

Make a wish!!!

popofcolor233Day 8
Today’s theme, Pop of color, as well as, add sunlight.
I managed to go outside in this freezing weather at sunset, and set my camera on manual focus, and took this, the pop of color, is the evening sunset hitting on the “Make a wish” dandelions. So, what’s your wish for 2015? Make one or share

Think in 3! Today’s prompt!

Today’s challenge, Think in three
Rule of 3rds, three like colors, 3 different colors, 3 like things? Go where you want with the prompt.

Three ways I calm my nerves are all right here, on a bad day, I burn… and that’s burning incense. This kind is called spiritual guidance. And the blue is very soothing!!!